Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cuomo Press Conference Don't Blame Me Blame Political Conspiracy--What a Delusional Crock


Cuomo held his first press conference playing the victim card with everyone else to blame
If any of the misguided awarders of his Emmy watched they must be feeling if they have a conscience total shame
Again and again the claim of accurate death recording we heard
After his Blue Attorney General’s report the claim sounds so absurd
Never explained why if concerned about hospital beds being by CV patients swamped
Plans to use the NHS Comfort and interim hospital at Javits Center were not prompted
Blues in New York legislature already are disputing his claims
Cries rising for investigation and resignation that his lies will not tame
Cuomo sent CV patients from hospitals to nursing homes that were not prepared
The deadly infection would soon spread unchecked with deaths beyond compare
Cuomo in terms of accepting fault cannot face the deadly facts
 How many more died because I delayed till May to the transfer orders retract?
A man with integrity would plead to the grieving love ones for forgiveness and then resign
Sadly an egotistical narcissistic Cuomo to that course of action is totally blind
Test for Biden to see if he can unleash the DOJ to on a fellow Blue giving him fervent support
If he has to put party above nation, stopping a DOJ investigation, justice for the 15,000 elderly and families comes up short

© February 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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