Thursday, February 11, 2021

Rescind Cuomo's Emmy He Lying on Deaths Means He Does Not Deserve It


The Academy Awards and Emmys and CMAs used to be to entertainment excellence confined

But each year the political bias of the hosts and recipients seemed to crowd further over the line

What should have been to any sane person no surprise

Each year such award ceremonies took a bigger ratings dive

Andrew Cuomo whose state for a while led the nation in deaths from CV

Won in November for his shows to inform and calm the public an Emmy

We now know the truth of nursing homes deaths was concealed

A secretary now the reason for the false data has been revealed

Andrew had to conceal the nursing home death facts

Ere a DOJ investigation would show for procedures to protect the elderly a complete lack If the people knew the residents were dying by more than fifty percent

The calming message he was sending would be to the trash quickly sent

Cuomo’s arrogance and ego will not let him admit his acts were deadly wrong

The least the Emmy awarders can do is rescind as the award to him does not belong

His acts helped by the pandering of the MSM are a criminal cover-up

The acts of a desperate governor totally corrupt

His going to prison will not bring back the seniors who died a lonely painful death

Surrounded not by loved ones only ventilating tubes fighting for each breath

If he had any integrity which his acts reveal he has not

He would resign and forgiveness from the victims’ survivors be sought

© February 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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