Friday, February 12, 2021

Blues and Reds Unity Cuomo Be Impeached or Resign Maybe Even Serve Time?


Early on in the pandemic Andrew Cuomo was the darling of the left
So skillful in his briefings on the CV spread he was the epitome of the deft
His standing among the MSM was further enhanced
When he slammed Trump’s response at every chance
So quick to shut down businesses and to New Yorkers hector
On mask wearing, social distancing and washing hands as befitting a noble protector
The new found celebrity status aided by brother Chris must have gone to his head
Arrogance did not allow him to listen to pleas to protect elderly or they would be dead
Sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes to flatten curve on using hospital beds
Yet ignored the hospital ship and temporary hospitals sent by the feds
To no one’s surprise the seniors in nursing homes began dying like flies as the CV cases in them spread
Morgues were soon overflowing and refrigerated trucks had to be used instead
Andrew arrogantly claimed it was not his fault and seemed to imply
That a fact of life is that someday everyone has to die
Received an Emmy award for his COVID-19 daily briefs
Ignorant of the children’s and grandchildren’s loss from nursing home deaths’ grief
He seemed too slick, too arrogant and too “I alone know what is right”
Now we know he covered up big time the number of nursing home patients who lost their CV fight
Did not want a DOJ investigation to rain on his “I am the greatest parade”
Now Red and Blue cries for him to resign or be impeached to end this pathetic charade
Being stupid on protecting the elderly may not be a crime
But obstruction of justice is and Big Fredo really should be serving time

© February 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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