Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Boss' "The Middle" a Joke Trumped by DWI


Usually the Super Bowl is a defensive struggle and a boring game that lives not up to its hype
Fanatic football fans are disappointed as game wears on finding solace in the commercials many seem to like
The half time show is eagerly awaited for performances by a member of the Entertainers’ A list
If lucky an equipment failure that exposure of Janet Jackson’s body could no longer resist
This year the game pitted experience versus youth and the Chiefs were favored to the Bucs beat
When the game ended Brady experience prevailed along with interceptions to the Chiefs defeat
The Weekend half time show was a joke and the ads seemed to have lost past luster
But the Boss’ ad for Jeep with his “poem” on the Middle was seeking to the PC Culture pass muster
Nice thoughts from an industry where the middle does not exist
And any conservative being hired or expressing contrary thoughts open season to resist
Jeep that like most car companies believes it is not right to drive with a DUI
Discovered the Boss had been so arrested and Jeep was quick to rerunning the ad deny
In the entertainment world there is no Side B for the middle
Only the Side A left so the Boss’ plea is only diddle, diddle

© February 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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