Monday, November 2, 2015

Where The Buffalo And Quality Care Used To Roam

Money may be the mothers’ milk of politics but entitlements are the Beau Fort d'Ete of cheese
As across the country Obamacare co-ops are failing and on life support continue to wheeze
Ironic that in Colorado the symbol of the buffaloes that almost became extinct
Voters are placing a constitutional right for medical care to insure a wave of red ink
Add to that a single payer care system and watch the quality and access thereto sink
 If you want to the affect on quality of care and access just look only to the VA
Thousands of vets waiting and waiting and dying each and every day from such delay
Or look to the Canadians with money wanting elective surgery flocking across our border
Fleeing from a system that takes months upon months to see a doctor and surgery order
In trauma there is the concept of the Golden Hour
The hour after injury that if treated you reduce dramatically death’s impending power
Elective surgery may not be on such a fine line of time based life or death
How many of Colorado voters with painful  knees or shoulders would endure delay coupled with just take an aspirin and a few deep breaths?
Will be interesting to see how the Colorado voters vote
If passed watch the scourge of insolvency swarming over Colorado’s fiscal responsibility moat
© November 2, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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