Monday, November 2, 2015

El Faro Found

One of the first things any sailor worth his salt
Is a lesson to be learned completely to a fault
No ship is unsinkable, no matter how large or small
Especially when the winds are howling and the waves are 40-50 feet tall
When Mother Nature at us puny human sailors becomes really hurricane pissed
Time to run to land or soon be heading down to Davey Jones Locker deep abyss
Another lesson to be learned is like most women Mother Nature can and will change her mind
On the sea, the weather change can be swift and too often most unkind
All the radars and GPS and satellite images will still leave humans to her fury almost blind
El Faro almost three football fields long ran into Joaquin’s deadly hurricane designs
Lost at sea in a hurricane Category 4
Unaware evidently what the weather had for them in store
33 sailors are not with us; their bodies entombed 15,000 feet beneath the sea
Victims of a ship caught in Mother Nature’s fury too far from the safety of the lee
El Faro's days as the lighthouse on the surface or in port have come to an end
Now only in eternity till rusted away  a beacon for the dangers of the sea to bottom creatures send 

© November 2, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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