Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Newport Beach To Deter DUIs Att The Source Not On The Streets

Finally in the war against drunk driving, the City of Newport Beach shows a lot of common sense
A means of saving lives and reducing the number of drunk driving offenses
Instead of trying to nab the drunken driver after he is on the streets and highways
They are trying to warn him before he gets into his car and impaired then drives away
With bar or restaurant permission Newport Beach police enter armed with test kits
Testing blood alcohol to see if a patron exceeds the limit the law permits
If yes informing the patron how long to wait before driving after he quits
The DMV schools and DUI lawyers must be having the fits
Too bad, as the number of deaths and injuries will most certainly be reduced
From DUI drivers on our streets running loose
Catching a DUI driver before a crash is not easy unless he is weaving or driving on the wrong side of the street
Or he pulls into a checkpoint to be tested is probably a very lucky and random feat
For every 100 DUI drivers on our streets the cops probably find less than one or two
The odds are really stacked against these officers in blue
But testing before entering the car at the drinking source the odds of finding a potential DUI are one hundred percent
No arrests which is fine but that lack is far outweighed by the loss of lives or injuries this program will prevent
© November 4, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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