Friday, November 13, 2015

Radical Islam Time For The World To Kill

Paris is reeling from terrorist attacks
Obama to the rhetoric stage to promise justice will not be held back
Will he now finally issue a call
To name Radical Islam as a scourge and line them against the wall?
Isis and Radical Islam are not as claimed by him the JV team
No these are fanatic killers coming across Europe in a growing increasingly violent stream
The number one danger to this nation which any idiot could comprehend
Is not climate change promoted by Obama but the increasing Radical Islamist trend
Isis calls itself a caliphate which should meet the country test
Today they have attacked a NATO ally France which should cause members to unleash on them major armed distress
Not since World War II do we have the bonus of bringing the Russians on our side
To kill wherever found, whenever found and roll back this fanatic tide.
Doubtful if on this needed Crusade Obama has the credibility or the skills

If not Putin does and could lead the forces that these fanatics would kill

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