Thursday, November 12, 2015

9th Circuit Upholds CA Death Penalty What's The Point

900 inmates are in California  on Death Row
Almost daily the number continues to grow
Countless appeals and the filings of habeas corpus writs
To defer a penalty that deters murder not one bit
The Ninth Circuit just shot down yet another doubtful legal theory
No wonder mere mortals of lawyers are most leery
If the death penalty is for years delayed by the cons’ legal team
It now becomes cruel and unusual punishment and any chance to execute is a pipe dream
Maybe is is human trait to a murderer of one’s family or friends want to kill
Should the state be in the revenge business when deterrence of the penalty is nil
Statistics may be suspect and coming out of estimates and extrapolation thin air
4 billion dollars and counting to try to put convicts in the lethal injection chair
If there is no way 900 plus inmates will receive the needle of death
Lying on a gurney 20 plus or more years to take their last breath
Why not this system reform and the sentences commute to life without possibility of parole
A lifetime of punishment in a small cell that will on mind and body take its toll
23 hours in a cell alone with one hour out for exercise
Is a fate that one about ready to pull the trigger might his actions revise
Put these killers on social media who will leave prison only in a pine box
Describing the reality of life without possibility of parole is worse than a deadly pox
Instead of spending billions of dollars lawyers on appeals
Use that money on the victim’s families as they try to heal.
© November 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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