Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama More Killings Time For Another ISIS Crusade On The Ground

On Friday one American a student studying design in Paris was in the wrong place at the wrong
When these barbarians bent on destroying civilized ways of life added another 128 non Americans  as victims of their heinous crime
In Israel today, five more innocents were in the wrong place at the wrong time
Three Jews, a Palestinian bystander and an 18 year old American were the victims of this crime
After Paris Obama was profuse with his rhetoric outrage
But as usual his wimpy response allowed the French and Russians to elbow us off the world stage
Our past air strikes were the work of gnats mere feckless picks of a pin
 Rules of engagement hobbling our fighters insuring we cannot win
Training camps untouched and fuel trucks smuggling oil in a steady untouched stream
Bringing millions to finance the expanding of the Caliphate misguided dream
The Russians view war in a different more brutal way
Especially when ISIS with a bomb on a Russian aircraft did 228 Russians slay
Raqqa is the quasi capital of this Caliphate
Russia is using heavy bombers unleashing tons of explosives finally of late
But any soldier with any time in the army above a mere draftee
Knows unless you have ground forces you have no more chance of winning than one cup of water will raise the level of the seas
911 proved that citizens of all nations are potential victims of terror
To delay a new Crusade to eliminate Radical Islam would be a major fatal error
In past clashes with Hamas, Obama has urged on both sides restraint
Many in his administration trying to Israel as a war criminal portray and paint
Sadly, expect only the Sounds of Silence from us and the rest of the world’s nations
While Iran continues to foment terrorism free from consequences or civilized damnation
 What a complete, total mess!
As our “leader” with friends and foes alike fails to impress
© November 19, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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