Friday, November 27, 2015

Brawls In The Malls

It is ironic to say the least
That at the onset of the season to honor the birthday of the King of Peace
The malls on Black Friday are crowed with shoppers looking to their wallets dent
Millions upon millions of dollars on this day will be spent
Instead of “Merry Christmas” and the sounds of Jingle Bells and Christmas carols to get us in the mood
Shoppers vying for the bargains on the shelves are violent and rude
To save money and endure the long lines in the malls
Too many frustrated shoppers are pushing and shoving and getting into brawls
The three Magi in the heavens must be looking down completely aghast
The tradition started to honor Christ now being completely into a profit orgy recast
Gifts are not eternal and are used up, broken or discarded into the trash
Fleeting memories of spending spree that leaves one’s wallet empty, way short of cash
But anger and brawling violence scars for a long one’s search for tranquility needed to refresh the soul
Striking someone to save a few dollars should be the Christmas season’s goal
Violent shoppers should never be the Grinch that the Christmas spirit stole
Time for anger this Black Friday shoppers must learn to control
After all Black Friday is now not a day but a 28 day shopping season
 In dealing with one’s fellow shoppers less anger and more manners and reason
© November 27, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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