Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Under Jihadist Attack?

The City of Lights is under jihadist terrorist attack
Breaking news of 35 dead, 100 hostages; now time for the world to fight back
PC Islamaphobia chants no more; Obama’s failure to identify Radical Islam no more
These radical ruthless killers the world can no longer ignore
Time for another crusade of civilization to the Middle East invade
To kill each and every jihadist and end this Muslims are peaceful charade
The scourge of Islam that Charles Martel thought he had killed at Tours
Is still alive and well with all its fanatical allure
No nation is safe; no innocents are not in Radical Islam’s cross hairs
Slaughter of innocents becoming more common not less rare
Over 200 Russian innocents coming back from the Sinai
A  planted ISIS bomb and the plane blown out of the sky
Obama does not understand but the rest of the world understands
Time to come together and kill this menace before it completely gets out of hand
Muslim clerics who do not rise up against the myth of martyrdom with 72 virgins reject
Should be number one on the list of targets the military for elimination should select
Jihadists have forfeited the right to with civilization exist
Kill them wherever and whenever found, this scourge civilization must resist
Even Russia, India and China against Radcal Islam are not immune
Ignore the threat and like the West they face a potential doom
Another reason that Iran should be informed that civilization has targeted Iran with 50 or so nukes
Any hint of a nuclear weapon and they face the ultimate deadly, martyrdom rebuke
© November 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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