Tuesday, November 3, 2015

VA and TSA Are Unaccountabl Queens for the Day

It is next to impossible to find in this bloated federal agency where waste, fraud and incompetence do no continue to mount
From DHS to EPA to IRS to TSA to VA no one, absolutely no one is held to account
Whether watching porn all day or spending like a drunken sailor on a spree no one ever gets fired
This bloated federal ship of state is in a sea of fraud waste and abuse totally mired
The VA where vets are dying waiting for care each and every day
A culture of indifference to their plight but not to cooking books for bonuses holds sway
Worse 5 officials from the VA implicated in major scandals were before the House blocked to testify
Because the VA was “investigating”  the allegations to be able to
“discipline” their appearance was denied
In the Obama Administration an inept official has a greater chance of winning the Power Ball than losing his job
So the national debt continues to soar and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are being robbed
Appropriate that the TSA whose thousands as dressed in symbolic blue
Is faulted for layers of security that do not exist as they can’t find a weapon unless waived in plain sight view
I feel sorry for the demoralized members of the Inspector Generals’ staffs
Filing report after report of misconduct and fraud only to be round filed while the abusers merely laugh
We have created a monster that transcends party although Obama deserves a lion share of the blame
Where no one in power over raging deficits or fraud or abuse has any shame
How corrupting is it to a bureaucrat trying to do an honest job?
Only to see free of consequence his coworkers the taxpayers rob
How demoralizing is when we find today a 43 million dollar gas station for Afghans is built
Totally unused exponentially overcharged with no one charged with mismanagement or guilt
We taxpayers are being fleeced with the overspending, fraud, abuse, and waste terror
When unless it is nearing at least 500 million a mere rounding error
Starting in the next fiscal year if are national debt is increased, every cabinet head  is fired  and every bureaucrat starts to receive 10 percent yearly pay cuts
Add to that accountability no member of Congress gets paid and we might have a chance to get out of this deepening debt rut
Add to these draconian spending controls, any appropriations that come out of the house that do not raise the national debt may not be filibustered by the Senate and must come to a vote
Unfortunately amending the Constitution  is a pipedream so the veto power impossible to revoke
We have to somehow break the entitlement culture where every man looks out only for number one
Or given the soon to be 20 trillion national debt and growing, the country and its dreams are done.
© November 3, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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