Monday, November 16, 2015

Obama Needs To Come To His Senses On ISIS

Today is the International Day of Tolerance which radical Islam does not celebrate
If you do not believe in their fanaticism be you Muslim, Christian or Jew a quick death awaits
ISIS is a religion of apostates that continues to grow by leaps and bounds
Obama’s claim that they are being “contained” is delusionally unsound
At least 129 new coffins to be filled in the City of Light
Precision attacks in multiple places on cool Parisian Friday night
While our President is without a strategy that has any chance to radical Islam defeat
Clueless on what it will take to cause these fanatics to retreat
France is facing a cancer of almost 50 mosques in Paris that sharia law preach
To calling the faithful to attack the West daily beseech
Separate Muslim neighborhoods that have shown no inclination to assimilate
Watch for France to start closing those bastions of unmitigated hate
While the Blues continue to the use of radical Islam debate
20 sorties by France is a nice gesture that shows resolve
But like our gnat like strikes will not the radical Islam cancer solve
Obama needs fire his entire Tball and  JV advisory team and bring Petraeus and Keene back on board
Competent successful generals who could put ISIS to the sword
Obama needs call a summit of the leaders of high tech
To end the encryption apps used by ISIS to our intel successfully deflect
Obama needs to call on his supporters in Hollywood to join in a social media crusade
To expose along with Muslim leaders the reality of life under ISIS and the Paradise charade
Obama needs to assemble the leaders of the world’s banks to stop the ISIS funds flow
ISIS refineries, oil wells, pipelines and oil trucks must be dealt with mortal blows
Most importantly, this president must end his narcisstic and egotistical ways
Listen to Petreaus and Keene and put some combat battalions on the ground to these fanatics slay
Admit to the American people that he has been in error
A complete failure on his part in this war on Islamic terror
Go to Congress and seek a declaration of war
No longer can we the ISIS threat ignore
We mere mortals should be complaining by tweeting him non stop
As our confidence in his ability continues plummet and drop
And the press needs to act like a true free press and his failures expose
For Obama the bloom is definitely for good off the Obama rose
 © November 16, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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