Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Survive Three Combat Tours Only To Be Killed Biking On Colorado Springs Street

Sadly, life on this planet is never a sure long term bet
A lesson too often we humans are prone to forget
Another senseless tragedy this time in Colorado Springs
A decorated Army vet who survived three combat tours  in Iraq avoiding all the bullets combat brings
Was bicycling in broad daylight on a quiet Colorado Springs street
When a shooter struggling with alcoholism shot him dead from his seat
Meyers plead for his life and for reasons known only to God his pleas fell on deaf ears
Meyers’ two sons now have no father, only memories and tears
Sadly, no witnesses were armed to the shooter pulling the trigger prevent
And before he killed to Hell this shooter to quickly have sent
The shooter was not finished with his urge of causing more death fulfill
Walking calmly less than a mile to a sober living house and two more victims kill
Two women in rehab from pills and alcohol on a porch sitting
Most likely conversing on the joys and hardships of quitting
Shot down while trying to get their lives from drugs and alcohol back
Once again, the shooter was not wounded or captured only by police shot dead
We are once again wondering what could have been going through his head
Alcohol demons that he could not expel
That somehow the need to take lives him compel
© November 4, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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