Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turks Shoot Down Russian Fighter

The news from Turkey should chill us to our very bones
The vacuum created by this feckless president is now roosting home
Russia is pounding Syrian rebels we back
Dropping tons of dumb bombs in their attacks
Collateral damage is a phrase the Russians do not employ
Unlike us their bombers return empty after on a sortie deployed
On Tuesday Turkey claimed a Russian fighter had violated its airspace
And with a sidewinder missile it was quickly pasted
Russian antiaircraft missiles are being rushed to Syria and a missile cruiser lies off its shores
This is looking more and more like the increasing tensions of the Cold War of yore
Russian planes and American and NATO planes armed to the teeth while the world perceives Obama as weak.
Unable to act decisively able only with rhetoric speak
A formula in the fog of war for miscalculation or fatal mistake
To the dangers of Radical Islam Obama in delusional slumber not awake
Paris, Beirut, Brussels and Tunisia show that ISIS and Radical Islam is not in any manner contained
Only fools in this country can believe Obama’s we are winning against ISIS delusional refrain
15 months into this struggle against this “JV Team”
Without a strategy to defeat from his JV rookies any chance of winning is only a pipedream
To this President the way to ISIS and terrorists rebuke
Is to attend a conference on climate change—makes any concerned citizen want to puke
Flash Mr. President, climate change may be a problem years down the road
Radical Islam is a threat today, ticking time bombs, fuses lit that will quickly explode
The rise of ISIS and the flood of Syrian refugees is a direct result
Of his actions or lack thereof while his delusions the reality of dangers continues to assault
Each day he refuses to lead his coalition fantasy is another day Radical Islam
Grows and brings us closer to the threat of a dirty radioactive bomb
With more and more refugees fleeing into Europe in an increasing stream
Yet impossible to potential terrorists from true refugees by vetting screen
© November 25, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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