Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Lies From The President

Red and Blue leaders concerned over Homeland Security Obama taunts and mocks
Claiming only women and orphan children refugees will admitted and these his opponents want to block
So a Fox Report should come as no surprise or great shock
Another lie so typical of Obama who wants the truth from us to be blocked
Of the almost 2,200 refuges from Syria are over 400 single males of military age
Another example of the need to lie from the Obama playbook page
No wonder a rapidly growing number of Americans doubt his ability to a War on Terror wage
Obama then gets on his Manilla soapbox to our history ignore and falsely redefine
Many times in the past we have allowed persecuted religions to go to the head of the line
Christians are being beheaded in heinous crimes
Obama is pissed not over the deaths but that it cuts back on his golfing time
Success and setbacks in Paris in Obama’s War on Terror
Setbacks only as his lack of a winning strategy is a fundamental  error
 His Administration already playing with the truth fast and loose
Cannot be trusted to vet the 10,000 and any vetting be subject to abuse
An administration that cannot build a website or reign in the IRS
Or the woeful delays try to intimidate VA whistleblowers and the truth suppress
Is an administration we cannot trust
Much less our safety from terror entrust
Good for the growing number of governors who have said not in my state
Good for Schumer and Feinstein who have said ‘Time out! Time to wait.”
© November 18, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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