Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ridley's Believe It Or Not For November 10, 2015 Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Ridley’s Believe It Or Not—November 10, 2015, 437 days to go in President Obama’s term. Trust you are looking forward to the debates tonight which with Fox will be about issues important to us as opposed to the pathetic theater of the last debates at CNBC; as always I hope you enjoy Tuesday’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest, a music video  by Mariah Carey,  a relevant quote from Millie, looking forward to enjoying some vanilla cupcakes, blessed with a positive attitude and secure in the knowledge that if you want to find a gift for any memorable event like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem at a great price tailored to the event and the recipient. You need only contact me for details. 
         1. Marine Corps Birthday Ball—commemorating and honoring the creation
of perhaps the greatest fighting force in the world, the United States Marine Corps, which was created on this day in 1775.                                                        
         2. National Forget Me Not Day—promoting not the great State of Alaska’s state flower but rather the need to reach out to family, friends, and contacts that one has not met with or talked with in some time.
         3. 1990 Number One Song—celebrating the number one song in 1990 on a run of three weeks in that position Love Takes Time by Mariah Carey. Here is a link to Mariah Carey performing Love Takes Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkDpwF6-QiA
         4.  National Vanilla Cupcake Day—celebrating another great way to intake one’s calories.
         5.  If In Prep Be A Queen Day—celebrating the birthday on this day in 1931 of fashion designer Lisa Pulizer known as the Queen of Prep.
On this day in:                                           
         a. 1871 British explorer Henry Stanley found missing missionary Dr. David Livingstone near Lake Tanganyika greeting him with the classic words “Doctor Livingstone I presume.”
        b. 1898 the Wilmington Race Riots began in Wilmington, North Carolina which marked the only case of an overthrow of a municipal government in the United States and herald the institution of Jim Crow segregation throughout the South.                                  
         c. 1951 direct long distance dialing began in the United States.
         d. 1969 the National Educational Television (now the Public Broadcasting System) aired the first program of Sesame Street.
         e. 1983 Microsoft released Windows 1.0.
Reflections on the Marine Corps on their birthday and for that matter any man or women in any branch of the armed forces: “You may hate the war, but never hate the ones that fight. For they do not choose when or where to fight. All they chose was to protect who they love and even the people they don't know.”--Millie If you know someone who served as a Marine or is serving today and in uniform, wish them a happy birthday.
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