Monday, January 12, 2015

Obama MIA at Paris March

We live in a world of graphic symbols
That change minds, inflame passions, alter history’s course
Unleash emotions of anger, sadness, fear or love
With the internet and Instagram
The images spread at hyper speed
Think of the flag raised on Iwo Jima
The World War II Times Square kiss
A president’s infant son saluting his father caisson
World leaders in height from De Gaulle to Selassie walking behind
United as one in respect and grief
The Vietnam War Memorial
Flowers, medals, photos at its base
The ground moistened by tears of the viewers of the names
911 planes crashing into the Towers and Pentagon
The faces of resolution of the firemen slowly climbing
Buffeted by a stream of strangers flowing down to safety
White seas of ash as the Towers collapsed
Today, an image of 44 world leaders with interlocking arms
Walking, determined to fight jihadism and fear in Paris
United as one, a we are the world image without song
Where was the “leader” of the free world?
AWOL or MIA but not there, not at the front, not on the side or not  even in the back
The VP or Secretary of State or Defense instead?
MIA or AWOL too
The next hack or tweet or YouTube video will be ISIS fighters
Shooting AKs into the air holding signs
“U.S. is led by cowards, weaklings, hiding in the homeland.”
God help us if they are proven to be right
What about “nous sommes tous Charlie” does Obama not get?

© January 12, 2015 the Alaskanpoet

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