Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another Radical Islam Moment In Europe When Will "Radical Islam" Leave Obama's Lips?

Another example of a worldwide war on the West by Radical Islam occurred today
In Belgium from Paris a couple hundred short miles away
A counter terrorism attack has sent two more fanatics to find that virgins do not exist
And yet our President using the term Radical Islam continues to resist
How many more attacks by Radical Islamist cells
Before this President joins the real world to on political correctness no longer dwell?
When a Muslim, el-Sisi, calls for the need for Islam to dump the jihadist siren song
You have to wonder how the “leader” of the free world can get this issue so wrong
At least the news out of Belgium gives us some hope
The West’s security forces on this jihad can still cope
Better yet one of the jihadists was captured alive
Hopefully, he will reveal data that means his fellow cell members will not long survive
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