Saturday, January 24, 2015

Michael Moore Call Chris Kyle A Coward

Michael Moore is an obese hypocritical viper
For attacking Chris Kyle as a coward in the American Sniper
Cowards don’t pull not one but four tours of duty in Iraq
Always trying to protect while on patrol the  Marines backs
Cowards don’t win two Silver Stars and five of Bronze
Lying in wait focused to insure his Marines will see another Iraqi dawn
Moore this time was clearly in error
Kyle was The Devil of Ramadi and to the insurgents sheer terror
Moore is the true coward in the anti capitalism ranks
Blasting Wall Street and Bush and then heading down to the nearest bank
Artistic freedom as Charlie Hebdo proved is a noble goal
Even in Moore’s in the pursuit of money he has sold his soul
His Fahrenheit 9/11 managed 120 million dollars in the U.S. from ticket sales
Not bad for a documentary with a biased, left wing slanted tale
American Sniper a movie that people lined up to see as soon as it was released
130 million dollars in ticket sales with growing popularity that has not decreased
Moore, capitalism works and artistic freedom for you is a value Seals like Kyle will protect
Even though your views are off the charts and outside of Hollywood most people reject
Not to be outdone Bill Maher a little twerp in practicing his comic craft
Claimed on his show that  Chris Kyle was “patriotic psychopath.”
At least Moore apologized, hopefully sincerely and feeling contrite
The sounds of apology silence from Maher still fill the airways nights
© January 24, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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