Thursday, January 1, 2015

Di Blasio and NYPD Feud over Judge

When it comes to charging up the wrong hill, Mayor Di Blasio looks like he has whiffed his third strike
First as a puppet to the teachers’ union PACs he declares war on charter schools that parents really like
Next on his misguided hit list is a war on the horse drawn carriages in New York’s Central Park
When it comes to alienation of voters this progressive is really making his mark
The third strike has to be the perception by the police that he does not have their back
Seemed to abandon them when Garner died in a chokehold attack
The thin blue line perception was that when the grand jury failed to indict
They were looking at revenge of an angry population outraged by the video sights
Sure enough two cops were killed in their patrol car who wanted to double down on the killing score
The blue line in a show of disgust turned their backs; the mayor with his force has lost his rapport
You cannot run a city and keep it safe when the mayor and the police are at loggerheads
Time for the mayor to reach out and mend fences but what did he do instead
Reappointed Laura Johnson as a judge though she had just released two potential cop killers without requiring bail
Even though one was a gang member and to get to a court appearance he failed
Like Obama who gives a great speech then quickly flees to the links
When it comes to perception and anger of his force, he clearly does not think
Or maybe he does and wants in the progressive wing of his Blues
By not supporting his police means he will get their support he thinks is due.
© January 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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