Thursday, January 1, 2015

75 Members of Congress Now Out Welcome to the Real World

Life after D.C. for the gang of 75 may not be easy as the reality of being a mere mortal sets in
When one faces real problems, real issues and not having a position to spin
Politics should never become a career
With the need to preserve their job it should be the voters' biggest fear
With thousands of dollars needed to stay to whose voices will you hear
Lobbyists and PACs who in exchange for contributions will a pols actions try to steer
The pressure to raise money unless you are in a district so secure
that you stay for life until diagnosed with a disease with no cure
Has to corrupt even the most idealistic, the purest of the pure
Only term limits would a sense of true public service for the nation's good insure
Being in Congress is like being a 17 year locust nesting beneath the ground
At some point the call to make it a career launches the plague and ability to serve the nation as opposed to PACs no longer can be found.
The only drawback is that our federal bureaucracy has run amok
Bloated, unaccountable, uncaring with incompetent ones almost impossible to chuck
Let's wish all those Reds and Blues 75 in all who have been beaten or retired
To make public service ads to their colleagues that this is a lifestyle to which they should aspire
© January 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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