Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lindsay Graham Testing Waters For 2016

The ballots have just barely been counted and the focus of the parties is in a massive shift
As without a party change in the White House many Reds and Indies fear aimless drift
For the Blues Hillary seems a locked in choice
Even as more liberals hear Warren’s progressive voice
For the Reds it is looking more and more like a hockey rink
More and more hats on the ice as hopefuls to money seek to link
Lindsay Graham is the latest to test the waters with his toes
With his Security Through Strength formed to see how far his ideas will flow
In hockey a rink covered with hats means a hat trick from one Gretsky like star who brings a win
In politics it will mean millions spent in the primaries by the Reds sapping their general election firing pins
Worse, it will mean most likely their committing the mortal sin
Attacking fellow Reds with strident negative spins
While Hillary watching a stream of candidates bitter and broke thrown off Survivor Isle
Needs only to raise money and between her and Obama increase the distance in miles
Last Man Standing may be a great title for a Bruce Willis movie or a wrestling free for all
But for the Reds it has a great chance of their moving into the White House forestall
Unless during the primaries all pledge and religiously observe
No negative ads so a chance to dance at the inaugural balls preserve
For a negative ad is like playing Russian Roulette
To be used  by Hillary that the winning Red target will regret.  
© January 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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