Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maryland's First Episcopalian Female In Fatal DUI

Cunning, baffling and powerful is how alcohol AA will describe
Coupled with a car it makes for a potentially deadly ride
It matters not whether one is of wealth, intellect or even a high official of a church
It can and will knock you into the gutter, into jail or off you lofty perch
Heather Cook the first female Episcopalian Bishop in the Old Line State
Killed a bicyclist in a DUI hit and run and now faces a 20 year prison fate
A blood alcohol of .22 which for a woman is quite high
Veering into a bike lane while texting and another innocent had to die
This is tragic but there were warning signs she chose to ignore
Four years earlier another DUI at .27 with vomit on her chest, liquor on the floor
She may or may not be an alcoholic which is the case I suspect
More important how do we this carnage of DUIs deflect?
If you believe that after the first drink
An alcoholic loses his ability to stop much less of consequences think
If you believe that unless you live in cities like New York where a car is an albatross
People will even with licenses suspended drive to avoid the job loss
What can we as a nation do to this loss of life and limb block?
Perhaps all cars should come equipped with a vapor interlock
Like the catalytic converter to reduce smog or the air bags to save lives
A way to assist the innocents and the DUI driver to survive
A few drinks and simply put the car will not start or drive
Lives saved and the cost of insurance most likely in a nose dive
Lawyers would lose fees and maybe a few from the practice of law would leave
But a nation with fewer lawyers and more poets would cause us to cheer not grieve
© January 10, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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