Saturday, January 10, 2015

Petreaus May Be Charged Give Me A Break Holder

Holder’s DOJ has not brought charges against Lois Lerner of the IRS
Despite her willful attempt to the political of tea drinkers to suppress
Holder’s DOJ on Holder’s contempt of Congress for Fast and Furious refuses to act
The mantra of this politicized AG is above all to protect Obama’s back
Illegal aliens apprehended even with felonies Holder will not deport
So too often another killing by a released illegal is in the news reports
When it came to Christie and “Bridgegate”
He was on it with an A team, he could hardly wait
In the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting the FBI descended like a locust horde
Scrambling to prove a hate crime even though the grand jury did not come aboard
Now the news is that Petreaus may be charged for a classified information leak
Proves when it comes to terror and common sense this Administration is really weak
How many maimings of our troops in Iraq did General Petreaus prevent?
How many body bags back to Andrews did not have to be sent?
This man saved Obama’s bacon in Iraq, gave him the ability to turn tail and run
Now this general is under Holder’s prosecutorial gun
His mistress was not some whore like the Secret Service on duty in foreign lands seek to attract
No she was a graduate of West Point, a lt. colonel with security clearance but ended up in Petreaus’ sack
Petreaus on the issue of release of classified information to her denies
We do not need a trial of a hero that common sense and justice defies
Like many men before him and many men after he fell to the magnet of his little brain
Paid the price and an outstanding career was flushed down the drain
If Obama has any sense of decency he should pardon this general with four stars
He has been disgraced, career ruined, no need to find the feathers and boil the tar
© January 10, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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