Sunday, January 11, 2015

Al-Sisi Demands Clerics Reform Islam--Not Another Sadat Assassination

France followed us by 15 years in revolt against their king
But when it comes to recognizing the jihadist evil to France we are but a jayvee string
Gone are the days when a U.S. President used to lead with acts in addition to words
Obama’s refusal to recognize a war on extreme Islam is totally absurd
To the French leaders “it is a war on terrorism, a  war on jihadism, a war on radical Islam”
But to Obama use of  “radical Islam” or “jihadists” would be a politically incorrect bomb
Why is it that the world turns to Al-Sisi, the President of Egypt
To hear the truth and the call to bury radical Islam into a sealed crypt?
Al-Sisi is a Muslim and one outraged by what the jihadists have done to his religion
But like a predecessor Anwar Sadat, he may now in the eyes of the lslamists be a dead widgeon
Sadat angered the jihadists by with Israel agreeing to peace and plans for his fatwa had quickly begun
Sadat was later gunned down in a hail of bullets while watching a Victory Parade in October of 81
Al-Sisi is a brave man for these jihadists will kill Muslims just as fast as they will Christians and Jews
Anyone who fails to obediently follow their distorted and barbaric views
If there are any ideas that military and foreign aid to Egypt needs to be cut back
If anything, it should be increased given on the clerics Al-Sisi’s recent attack
Poor Obama, sadly on this issue he still is MIA
Can’t raise funds and weather too bad for golf to play
 © January 11, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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