Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anonymous Joins War Against Extreme Islamists

Extreme jihadists know that the U.S. president can only give a good speech
But by and large it’s only words and they feel safe beyond our armed reach
True, there is always a risk of a fatal drone or rare air strike
But in many parts of the world the jihadists can do what they like
Hiding behind the shield of America’s obsession to be politically correct
Secure in the knowledge that a “War on Extreme Islam” Obama will always reject
But now a new sheriff has arrived in cyber town
And its impact on ISIS and radicalization may be quite profound
Anonymous, a band of hackers ranking with the very elite,
Has turned its attention to the social media of Islamists to them defeat
You cannot attract youths and then radicalize
If your web sites are hacked into and meet cyber demise
Any website involving radical Islam should be fair game
Hacking into it and rendering it useless should be a ticket to the hackers’ hall of fame
Islamists with their propensity to suicide need a steady flow converts
Will be difficult if from their sites, recruits cannot enter or the site diverts
To a site with one message, delivered by mullahs in united voices, very crystal clear
There is no Paradise, no virgins if on the side of radical Islam you try to appear
Paris is but another wakeup call that at least in the streets of Paris over 3 million heard
An all out worldwide war on this immoral ideology can no longer be deferred
Anonymous should be congratulated for their cyber stand
No cyber quarter for the Islamists, wipe them out to the last site in cyber land
© January 11, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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