Thursday, January 1, 2015

CA Cap and Trade in 2015 to Raise Gas Prices

Just when you thought at the fuel pump you would get some more falling gas price relief
Leave it to Brown and his Blue minions to lay on a heavy dose of motorist grief
California’s cap and trade will as of January 1 apply to transportation fuels
The Green war waged on climate change that may cause this fragile recovery to cool
The Golden State is already cursed due to Air Quality rules
With the highest average fuel costs and now another tax to the voters fool
Will it be 15 cents more per gallon or 75?
Not known, only that mass transit and the poor will find it harder to survive
A million new illegal alien drivers will soon be legally licensed to drive on the Golden State’s roads
Assuming they can pay for the increased cost of fuel, our highways, streets and bridges to further erode
And climate change which this hidden tax is supposed to somehow to suppress?
We are in the grip of another arctic blast of frigid temps in the 30’s in So Cal defeating even the warmest of dress
Gray Davis was impeached because of the anger of voters over failures of electricity to generate
If this cap and trade spikes fuel prices our governor and his minions may face a similar fate
If oil prices again rise as they at some time most likely will
The anger of our voting drivers calling for recall may become very shrill.
© January 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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