Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Drill Baby Drill Is Working At The Pump

When it comes to predicting the future neither Reds nor Blues have the perfect crystal ball
But the Blues should have foreseen increase in production would cause price of oil to fall
Simple Econ 1 law of supply and demand
Price and production go hand in hand
Increase production and unless demand exceeds the increase
Consumers at the pump will see some pricing decrease
Blues could only mock the “Drill baby drill” chant
Not a strategy only per Obama more of the right wing rant
Except for the inane veto threat to Keystone XL
Obama and his minions touting increase in production to the nation are trying to sell
But Guber was wrong—we mere mortals from the Beltway far removed
Are not stupid as the fall elections did clearly prove
Since we can read and ascertain the facts
A skill our untrustworthy President seems to lack
Oil and gas production on private lands is up 61 percent
While on federal lands under Obama’s war on fossil fuels it’s on a steady descent
Deception and lack of transparency is this Administration’s mantra and game
Consumers have saved over 100 billion dollars which a lot for the their wallets to now reclaim
Better yet the politicians will not have the ability though under Warren they have the will
To find a way to gobble up those savings and put them in the wasteful federal tax collection till.
© January 13, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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