Saturday, June 27, 2020

Oakland Mayor Loses It Calling 4 More Years Of Trump Hell When Oakland Reeks of the 7th Circleer

The mayor of Oakland when it comes to violence in her city has her head in the sand
Oakland is one of the most dangerous cities to live in in this land
Since in her delusion she thinks only one circle for her and her lefties exist
The first circle which is limbo where little or  no pain exists
Only ones there are the unbaptized and virtuous pagans
In her mind describes her and lefties to a tee especially those who are vegans
Their views of life over mere conservative mortals rule
As they are not worthy, non human only dismissed fools
In her and her lefties’ circles they are free from drugs, violence and homeless on their front door
Behind their gated walls with security cameras and guards, problems easy to ignore
But if perchance Libby Schaaf would find the courage to go to the 7th Circle’s first ring
This is reserved for murders and thugs and all  the blood and misery their crimes bring
Oakland is off the charts for property and to the person violent crimes
Each day one leaves a home playing Russian Roulette--is today Grim Reaper time?
As more and more residents are wounded or shot dead
Suspect Libby before tweeting  when in comes to classics is not well read
Last time I looked being a racist which Trump is not
That sin to Dante does not merit a Circle or ring slot
© June 27 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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