Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Joy Behar the New CV Pandemic Vigilante

Just what we do not need is a has been suffering from TDS Stage 4
Driving around her neighborhood to hector people who mask regulations ignore
One can only imagine how someone walking with no one within 6 feet around
Is going to react to her complaining hectoring sounds
One thing during the pandemic not wanted are pantopragmatics telling us what are our needs
Suspect the fingers will be flying as she complains people do not the mask rules heed
Best she merely shows by facial expression her displeasure
Her opinions on this and almost anything else many of us do not treasure
As usual with no basis in fact
On The View on the anti-Trump attack
Trump made a joke about testing at his Tulsa rally
Which she pounced on to add to her Trump’s not fit tally
Sadly for her biased mind the wind was knocked out of her sails
Based on Fauci’s testimony today on absence of cutting back testing her charge failed
If you want to watch women other than Meghan without a clue
Tune in daily to watch “Joy” hosting The View
© June 23, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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