Sunday, June 7, 2020

Floyd Not A Saint But A Martyr Not In Vain

The protests continue across a nation expressing its outrage and alarm
That at the hands of the police under rule of law a cuffed black man could meet deadly harm
In towns large and small, large numbers of blacks and whites
Marched with voices and signs that killing George Floyd was not right
In the first days and night riots broke out with arson and looting
Perhaps spurred on by the lure of stolen goods with Antifa’s blessings and rootings
Police injured, run over, and shot
Small businesses emerging from shutdown seeing their dreams go for naught
National Guard troops called out in the Swamp, a federal armed camp
For days despite starting out peacefully ending with up the riot ramp
Curfew after curfew and finally police moving in to arrest
Finally the riot portion started to decrease in the wave of protests
Peaceful protests over his death may be in race relations a watershed
Finally, as Americans not just black or white we can move discussions on solutions ahead
Even maybe discussing the issue of too many blacks out of wedlock born
With way too many fathers from their children growing up shorn
Maybe the fact that in the cities’ killing shooting zones
It is color on color shootings where the Grim Reaper roams
George Floyd may have been no saint
A criminal record to his past somewhat taint
But hopefully he will be remembered as a martyr
In the future to make police deadly brutality far more harder
If that is the case as much as we mourn his death will not be in vain
If not our chances of racially equality will be again by riots flushed down the drain
© June 7, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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