Monday, June 22, 2020

Are Blue Governors Shutting Down States to Damage Trump Reelection

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely as Bryon’s saying goes
But Blue governors wanting to damage Trump are showing how low they are prepared to go
To almost a man or woman in Blue in a position of power
Destroying Trump’s strong suit of the economy will his reelection chances deflower
The pandemic for the Blues hoping to recapture White House and Senate has been the perfect storm
Deceptive Chinese data, lousy models, Americans keeping a rising economy going have been shorn
Cuomo because maybe he is stupid sends senior positive patients from hospitals into nursing homes
Helpless to protect their elderly patients in a perfect killing storm
Infections rise statewide off the charts
Sirens for the shutdown orders to start
Whitman because she is witless creates shutdowns with no reason or rhyme
The Michigan economy quickly collapses in big time
The states with Blue governors have shed jobs into the jobless line in hyper speed
Still getting their paychecks along with state workers they can the suffering of other not heed
A thriving economy makes a reelection to the Oval Office sure thing
Slammed shut by the economic disaster that shutdowns quickly bring
Add to that the inept meltdown to processing unemployment checks that quickly arrives
Millions upon millions of newly unemployed praying their savings will somehow keep them alive
It is hard to believe that Blue elected officials would such devastation to our citizens select
Until one believes that these Blues hating Trump so much that is the option they do not reject
Not since the Civil War have we seen such a divide to turn on our American fellows
Encouraged and urged to proclaim with he is a racist flame fired bellows
On thing hopefully is clear as Americans look at a mentally crippled Biden hunkered down in a basement
Is that his failure for 50 years to the retirement home for candidates is where he must be finally sent
© June 22 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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