Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jusse Smollett Lynching Deja Vu or Simple Bowline Knot Pullr

Was it a noose hanging in Bubba Wallace’s Stall number 4
A hate crime symbol of lynching threat we should never ignore?
Or was it merely a pull line ending in a bowline knot
A loop for a hand to pull but a noose theory that’s for naught?
No photos of the infamous “noose” that caused 15 agents of the FBI
To on Talladega descend and determine if really a noose and put in motion efforts to arrest the bad guy
The FBI concluded since the “noose” was there since October it could not be a hate crime
As no one could know then that Bubba’s car would be in Stall 4 when it came to be racing time
A bowline is easy to tie and no matter the stress easy and simple to break
If someone did not want to the time to splice for a hand loop take
Or if a braided rope not have the skils to a spliced loop make
A simple bowline would be the path for a door pull one would probably take
Bubba’s claim sadly in the era of always a race card to play
Has a goodly amount of the Jusse Smollett lynching hoax on display
Bubba disputed the FBI’s conclusion but the lesson to be learned is very clear
Lynching or threatening lynching with a symbol merits our full condemnation and demands the full weight of the law appears
© June 23, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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