Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks and NASCAR Troika of White Guilt

The White Guilt pandemic continues to the land sweep
Black and White demonstrators demand Reb and slave owner statues we may no longer keep
Schools named after presidents who owned slaves must change their name
The history of the nation is airbrushed and any link to racism real or imagined is shamed
The entertainment industry a bastion of PC warriors is out in full force
Lady Antebellum has to become Lady A and Dixie Chicks from their name Dixie divorce
Never mind that it originally meant south of the Mason Dixon Line
And Abe Lincoln when the song “Dixie” came out in 1859 thought it one of best tunes of all time
NASCAR reeling from the Bubba “Smollett” Wallace of the noose
Banned the Stars and Bars as being to racism too conduce
Roger Johnson on surging unrest
Called it counterproductive at best
When will we ever have a chance to try to solve black on black shootings and failed schools?
Far too many black lives lost, businesses in urban black areas deterred and blacks dropping out or graduating with zero tools
©June 25, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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