Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Biden Out of Basement for "Dead" Campaigner Speech

Hidin’ Joe Biden must have been given a pass to get out of the basement and appear on the campaign trail
At Darby, Pennsylvania protected by a teleprompter to claim on leadership Trump has failed
Small gathering sitting on chairs silent and six feet apart
With Biden slow, halting and lifeless from the very start
Words coming out at lapsing and glacial moving speed
Given the challenges we face, can he possibly fill our needs?
Claimed on the fight against the pandemic Trump has been MIA
Already showing he’s forgotten Trump’s early ban from China to the spread delay
After months in the bunker in his basement hidden from citizens and press
Safe from observations that his mental acuity will no longer impress
Still no plan on virus fighting other than paid testing and more PPP
While Trump has covered that ground 24/7 as testing increasing with great velocity
Over 26 million tests and growing each and every day
Federal hospital ships and PPP supplies and acceleration of vaccine progress by FDA
It’s is sad to see anyone who is long past his prime
To refuse to retire in any profession when he must know it’s time
If and when Biden ever leaves his basement to deal with press, town halls and voters meet
His mental and fitness failings will show he will be going down to defeat
And if on that prediction there is any doubt
His gaffing and lapsing will on the Presidential Debate stage will lead to a rout
© June 17, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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