Thursday, June 25, 2020

Biden Mental Gaffes Get Worse Sign of Dementia Curse?

Biden has solved a problem with rapid population growth we thought the Earth had
But since a mind in decline brings not joy but should make us sad
Biden has claimed in the U.S. 150 million people have died from guns
The severing of the neural track from thought to lips sadly has not just begun
He followed up that major gaffe with this warning that 120 million have died from CV
No wonder he is hiding in his basement bunker so the voters his mental collapse will not see
He has had a history of gaffes
That made him the butt of jokes and made us laugh
This poet is no brain specialist but not able to put together two or more sentences does not seem right
Being in the Oval Office is not a job for mental midgets or for those who are losing the dementia fight
Looking at him trying to make a point is like watching a man trying to speak after recovering from a stroke
When will the DNC awake to the simple fact you cannot repair a mind that is hopelessly broke?
If elected his wife Jill will be the new Edith Wilson trying to protect him
But with the 25th , 24/7 news and social media the chances of keeping dementia secret will be too grim
Hopefully the voters will not with his VP pick want to bet the farm
Better to go with a winner with an economic record to keep country out of harm
  © June 25 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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