Thursday, June 25, 2020

Beware of Sutton's Law If Police Are Defunded

As a criminal Willie Sutton was pretty astute
Robbed banks because that’s where you would find the loot
Today if one is a criminal and is looking to commit a crime
Go to where the police are not or will not be called in time
In a lefty neighborhood in Minneapolis near Powderhorn Park
Before Floyd’s death neighbors lived in safety during the day and in the dark
But infected with the BLM charge of white privilege and guilt of being white
A policeman is now rarely to be found in sight
Neighbors fearful of calling cops who would come and might kill or maim any black suspected criminal
Have vowed for the time being to the police not call being the rule regiminal
Believe in white guilt and white privilege must mean to protect your property you must scorn
Why should you possess it when the opportunity is denied to those who are black when born?
Powderhorn Park is now awash in homeless, drug dealers and prostitution, no longer safe for kids
What will it take for for the vow caused by disease of white guilt and white privilege rid?
Sadly a few in home burglaries, armed robberies or assaults where someone is killed or maimed
And vow to not call police will in a New York second be rightfully flushed down the drain
© June 25, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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