Tuesday, June 23, 2020

McSally Refuses to Apologize CNN "Liberal Hack"

Two Cack News Network “reporters” were in the role of anti McSally bookends
After another “reporter” Manu Raju asked her if she would consider new impeachment facts he wanted to send
She was walking quickly in the Senate and question stopped her in her tracks
She said no and to his face called him a “liberal hack”
Leftist pseudo advocate “journalist” Jake Tapper
Whose objectivity has long since been flushed down a crapper
 And leftist pseudo advocate “journalist” Dana Bash
Whose sole purpose in life is to make sure Trump will burn and crash
Were outraged at her bluntness and thought an apology was due
Janu was later interviewed anchor Wolf Blitzer a long time supporter of the Blues
Who howled at the political moon that an apology was a must
Problem is that his bias makes him almost impossible to trust
Here’s a news flash to Wolf Blitzer
Your opinion is about as wanted as to an alcoholic is a diluted wine spritzer
© June 23, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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