Monday, June 22, 2020

Enough Is Enough Stop Erasure Of Our History And Into Gutter Stuffin

In the Soviet Union the dignitaries on the Kremlin viewing platform overlooking Red Square
If falling out of favor with the leaders they were airbrushed from the photos no longer seen as there
Something very similar is sadly happening here

BLM and PC warriors want portions of our history to just disappear

Picking first the easy targets, the Confederates who fought to keep the nation apart

To sadly allow the minority slave owners to subject slave families to the whip and sale in the auction marts

Even though the tactics of some of the generals are still studied by officers today

Even Lee when still alive thought in museums would be a better location to statues display

Armed with chains and ropes Confederate statues were toppled to the ground

Not sated by destruction the erasing movement grew by leaps and bounds

Slave owners like Washington and Jefferson and maybe even Grant

Were attacked by this tidal wave of BLM and PC slant

Even Teddy Roosevelt and Columbus and four Speakers of the House who with the Rebs served

Their names and statues from the BLM and PC warriors we could not preserve

The Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial will soon be next

Testimony to their contributions to the birth of a nation to erase and reject

But now hopefully the nation will now rise up and in an angry cry say "ENOUGH!"

After their Mecklenburg Monument to 500 dead defacing it's time to their erasing into the gutters stuff

16,000,000 Americans after Pearl Harbor answered the call

To defeat the evils of the real Nazis once and for all

To crush Japan’s Bushido and a democracy to install

Try as you might the BLM and PC warriors will not be able to their legacy and sacrifice maul
© June 22 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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