Monday, October 9, 2017

Wearing A MAGAHA Hat Not Genocide

Here is a news flash to Edith Macias now with 15 minutes of her viral hate fame
A Make America Great hat on one hand and Swastikas and  ISIS flags on the other are not the same
Ms Macias studying ethnic studies that sure way to not find a job at UC Riverside
Clearly does not understand what constitutes real and brutal condemned  genocide
The Germans killed 6,000,000 Jews and had the Soviets not pushed them out would have killed millions more
ISIS in Syria and Iraq has been systematically wiping Christians off the map which sadly the world chooses to ignore
Stalin chose to purge Ukraine of Ukrainians by starvation
The Turks chose to eliminate Armenians from the Turkish nation
Making America Great again through better trade deals, tax cuts and job killing regulations to end
Is a recipe to spur growth and get back on track for a three plus growth rate Obama could not on that path
Ms. Macias does not have the right to physically assault another student because of the hat he wore
A clear case of aggression and with a foul threatening mouth UCI cannot ignore
This foul mouthed and uncouth student should be charged with a felony that other students like assaults will deter
If convicted a fine, suspended sentence of at least a year
Probation, anger management, diversity training on free speech to make the point crystal clear
If you use violence to deter a person’s freedom of speech
The sentence will no longer be suspended and jail you will quickly reach
Civility not profanity but the free exchange of ideas is what UCI is trying to teach
Lower the volume, lower the profanity and your flash ramp to violence unteaach
Poet Extraordinaire Beyond Compare     
The Perfect Gift, All Recipients to Receive Lasting Lift

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