Friday, October 20, 2017

Rep Wilson Is a Total Disgrace to the House

In another example of how hard it is for the left from anti-Trump rhetoric to escape
MSM and Blue dog whistle blowers like Wilson are going ape
Calling a Gold Star Widow to express condolences by someone who has not seen combat is not an easy chore
President Trump’s call to Sgt Larson ‘s widow is the hardest task a commander in chief does in this war
An act of compassion due to the MSM and Rep Wilson suddenly is turned
Into another anti-Trump rhetoric over the top slash and burn
We should be honoring Larson’s service and his sacrifice to this grateful nation
As opposed to the left subjecting the commander in chief to their hypocritical damnation
Wilson is a fraud trying to pass herself of as a staunch supporter of our men and women in uniform
Politicizing a death of a man who knew the risks but wanted to serve when now more than ever his family needs to mourn
Instead we get from this Maxine Waters anti-Trump wanna be famous for wearing outlandish hats
The dog whistle of hate and mental illness charges, great encouragement to the troops in combat
And on the House floor when bills are to be voted in support of the troops and veterans’ needs
She is a no vote, their pleas for help she rarely heeds
Pelosi if she has any decency left in her partisan back of tricks
Should have a woodshed chat with Wilson for she did was really sick.  
© October `20, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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