Monday, October 16, 2017

Red Candidate for House Claims Alien Abduction--Independence Day Deja Vu

Trump is known for the art of the deal
Today the veneer between art and political reality is starting to peel
In Independence Day aliens from the far regions of outer space
Were arriving with the intent and force to the human race replace
An ex fighter pilot as a president to preside over our specie’s final destruction as means to fight were sought
Alien craft with deflection force fields that detonated our missiles no matter how many were shot
Good movie to take your mind off all the problems we as a nation face
But also a surreal note as an ex-Vietnam War pilot was captured and taken aboard a ship to hurl into space
Dennis Quaid plays a lovable crop duster with too much to drink exposed to too much pesticide
Called upon to be the hero to be able to seek revenge for the aliens’ kidnapping, restore in his kids pride
Force field knocked out by a virus in the mother ship the heroic humans plant along with a large nuke
“I’m back” as Quaid drives his fighter up the gut for the kill and to his children prove not a sotted kook
Today in Florida theater becomes the reality of politics in a Red primary House race
 Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera running for a vacated Red seat claiming that she too was kidnapped into space
At age 7 two aliens with long blond hair telepathically to her appeared
Told her to walk outside and into the space ship enter and have no fear
They believed in God as does she, gave her some predictions like ISIS the world would discover
Promised her they would return in 10 years which they did but a story on aliens is a hole from which hard to recover
This theater is not unique as it has reared its head in the past and why primary wins do not transcend to a general win
Case in point Christine O’Donnell a darling of the Delaware Tea Party but against Biden into a tailspin
Evidently lesson not learned, won the primary to face Coons now barring her Senate path
Reds never learned of her checkered past or that she had been dabbling in witchcraft
Having to spend ad dollars to counter distractions and to announce she was not a witch
Not worse than claims of alien abduction but like O’Donnell’s case, voters will throw her into the ditch
Only hope that in this Red district, the other Reds have experience and common sense
And this candidate’s delusional rants don’t allow Blues to breach this Red picket fence.
 © October `16, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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