Monday, October 9, 2017

He, She Or Jail And Fine

California has once again gone off on the proverbial lunacy deep end
Yet another example of the growing, stifling PC trend
To regulate what people say regardless of what they think
The new legislation that fines people for not using a transgender’s preferred sexual ID stinks
Thanks to the resurrected Governor Moonbeam stroke of a signing pen
Jail and a fine for health workers who use he or she when
A transgender he wants to be called a she
Or a transgender she wants to be called a he
The law applies even if the unique body parts have not been changed
Or plastic surgery to appearance of a he into a she or a she into a he rearranged
Appropriate on National Nanotechnology day this news item is on display
Delusional nanoaggression  to now come into play
While transgenders can now hide behind the law and heaven forbid have their feelings hurt
Pity the poor conservative who has to endure the sexist, bigot, Islamophiac and fascist epitaphs the left is so quick to blurt
Poet Extraordinaire Beyond Compare     
The Perfect Gift, All Recipients to Receive Lasting Lift

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