Monday, October 23, 2017

Need to Remove Lynch's Muzzle on FBI Informant

News today show our government has absolutely no common sense on this Uranium One deal
There is evidently an FBI informant that potential criminal activity he can reveal
Bribery, money laundering, collusion with the Russians by the Clintons they want to conceal
Lynch like her name had threatened  this informant if he talks about the Uranium steal
The dots are all connected of a clear quid pro quo save but one
The missing dot is Obama’s and Lynch’s involvement that has not yet begun
What valid reason did Lynch have to threaten to this informant prosecute?   
Given her connection with Bill and Hillary she did not want demands for prosecution to take root
The solution to this mess is simple and is so easy to solve
Remove the prohibition and let him testify about how much the Clintons were involved
The dots are more than coincidental and clearly suggest
Quid pro quo collusion that should lead to Clintons’ arrest
Finally after years of flouting ethics, the final straw
Caught and proving that not even a Clinton is above the law
With a bonus to end the Mueller witch hunt and move to the Trump agenda enact
Tax cuts, border security, repatriation, job and income growth off like a rocket not looking back
Markets up like rockets
More money in all our pockets
Endangered Blues now reading the tea leaves of gridlock frustration
Cross the aisle to work on the flaws in Obamacare to seek their elimination
© October `23, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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