Monday, October 16, 2017

NBC News Head Slammed For Spiking Weinstein Story

Tough sledding for NBC News head Noah Oppenheim
Spiking story on Weinstein’s sexual abuse is what to expect from NBC slime?
The news in the days of Huntley and Brinkley or Cronkite was free of advocacy for the 15 or 30 minutes each night
Objectivity and pursuant of truth was the journalistic standard that made a free press worth any fight
As this scandal unfolds and more and more victims come to light
NBC will rue the day its news division with Weinstein was not arms length only very tight
The biggest threat to a democracy is not from ideologues from whom the stench of bias will ooze
Gruber notwithstanding we mere mortals will know the truth and fake news will lose
The real threat in a 24/7 world where we are all pressed on many fronts for time
What a network chooses to show and what it chooses to keep from us no matter how important the story line
Rumor has it that in Hollywood the practice of sexual abuse has long been the norm
If so had NBC ran the stories,  how many victims would not be grieving, no needs to mourn
We have had sexual harassment cases and rape laws on the books for decades to in Hollywood to no avail
If journalists like those at NBC fail to condemn and report the war on women in Hollywood will prevail
The viewers of NBC News deserve better than its suppressed stories and  slanted views
And its shareholders, board members and most of its employees would like not to known as Nothing But Cack News
© October `16, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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