Friday, October 20, 2017

1st Playboy After Hugh's Death Has Transgender Playmate

Marilyn Monroe must be rolling in her grave
Her nude photos purchased by Hefner for $500 unleashed a sexual liberation shockwave
Marilyn that blond bombshell had put Playboy on the must buy magazine map
To the days of prudity the nation would not be going back
1953 as the first Playmate on the cover to appear
The taboos on nudity and promiscuity quickly beginning to disappear
Although Hugh is no longer with us his creation is still able to at sexual revolutions lead
As the definition of sexual gender around for many eons have gone to seed
Gender is no longer a case of chromozones only but rather how one wishes to indentify
From the grave Playboy like in 53 the social customs and normal rules defies
Ines Rau a young French model is in the first issue since his death the chosen centerfold
What makes the choice like the nudes of Marilyn daring and bold
Is that Rau is a transgender male opting for the female  role
Jury is out whether her appearance will help Playboy meet or exceed sales goals
Poet  Extraordinaire Beyond Compare      
 The Perfect Gift, All Recipients to Receive Lasting Lift

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