Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Counter Puncher KOs Russian Collusion Delusion

In boxing it’s called a one two punch
If forcefully delivered one’s opponent’s face the mat will crunch
For those Blues on the Russian collusion who are totally out to lunch
To their horror Trump landed not only a one two but a bunch
The first was the news that we have suspected for all along
That the Uranium One Deal was a colossal quid pro quo wrong
An FBI informant who under Lynch was forced to silent remain
Supposedly has the goods on the Clintons and the Foundation jumping on the quid pro quo train
Grassley is demanding of Trump’s DOJ
That this true patriot be absolved of his NDA
With a MSM when it comes to Hillary is in a hear no evil see no evil mode
One hopes that before the public as opposed to in closed session the informant can unload
Judas was content with a low bid of 30 pieces of silver to Christ betray
Inflation reared its head and for 20 percent of our uranium $145 million to the Foundation to pay
And for the icing on the quid pro quo cake $500,000 for Bill to a Moscow speech make
Punch number two was the bombshell
That has gutted the Russian collusion hardsell
The DNC funded Fusion GPS to hire the author of the false anti-Trump dossier
That has been the news focus of the MSM media day after day after day
A witch-hunt expanding beyond its original scope all the while ignoring Hillary’s pay to play
Mueller needs to pack his bags and go home and let a needed special prosecutor begin his job
On how with their quid pro quo with the Clintons 20 percent of our uranium the Russians could rob
© October 25, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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