Friday, October 20, 2017

PC Wars At UC Santa Cruz

The war on freedom of speech continues unabated across this land
When do our administrators of public colleges against the PC iron curtain take a stand?
Like the Soviets of old who installed an iron curtain to keep Eastern Europeans in
And keep ideas of freedom out in the battle of ideas they could not win
      Leftist students do not want to with conservatives debate
      No they want to suppress with force any ideas they cannot relate
      Free speech is to them a one way street available only if you toe the line
      This is not what the founders imagined or how colleges should be
      UC Santa Cruz Republicans were in the school library holding a quiet
      When a group of leftist students burst in and demanded the group start
      Hard to study when a mini shouting and screaming oral riot is taking
      The librarian wanted the conservatives to leave to keep the peace when
      the leftists were clearly off base
      One brave student a Blue working on a paper called the leftist thugs out
      Demanded they quiet down, cease their rants and shouts
      To no avail so campus cops were called to arrest
      A small victory against those thugs whose goal is to speech suppress


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